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I like Chip Johnson, and there’s a reason for that. He doesn’t kowtow to anyone, including Oakland’s politicians. He says it like it is, whether it’s the popular opinion or not. Today, I enjoyed his column about bloggers. I bounced over to the blog Chip identified as one of Oakland’s best. It’s called “A Better Oakland.” The blog’s author, VSmoothe, writes, “Blogs like this will always be supplementary sources for a small, self-selecting audience that desires far more detail that the average person.” I like VSmoothe. I’ve added her to the links on the right over there. Chip likes her too. He says she “has flair, style and consistency, and that draws steady traffic to the site.”

Speaking of sites, Farmer Joe’s online has been updated. Check it out. I could brag on it, but you might as well click on over and get the full effect.

If you’re still in a surfing mood, Oakland Magazine has posted their monthly online copy. Their hardcopies have not quite hit the stands. March’s issue has an article entitled “Oakland’s All-New SuperMarkets.” It’s a good read and the concluding quotes are from our Diana Tam, Mrs. Farmer Joe.


February 29, 2008 Posted by | Blogroll, community, neighbor, neighborhood, Oakland, politicians | 1 Comment