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What’s Going On?

You may have run into these people at Farmer Joe’s. They are UFCW local 5 members, harassing customers as they come and go. The Tams are making every effort to work with the Oakland police department to keep them away from the storefront, and out of the fire lanes, making your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Though the union members have been advised on numerous occasions to avoid these areas by our wonderful Officers Castillo, Hall, Hewitt, and Moreno, you can see from this photo taken on July 3, 2007, how it goes. If you feel threatened in any way, please do not hesitate to stop Diana, Joe, or an employee of the store and request they call Oakland PD.

On to a few questions shoppers are asking…

Q: Why is the union still here? We thought they would leave after the NLRB ruled in favor of Farmer Joe’s.
A: The union is not leaving because they want to unionize the store. They will falsely charge Joe’s with unfair labor practices, perpetrate smear campaigns, harass customers, and attempt to damage the store’s bottom line to achieve that goal.

Q: How much longer are they going to be here?
A: No one knows. The employees have the right to vote whether to be a union shop or not. The problem right now with the voting procedure is the union is refusing to allow an NLRB secret ballot election process and insisting on card check. Card check is run by the union and supplies the union with the employee’s personal data. Considering the current track record of this union, card check is out of the question.

Q: What about the union’s latest flyer – “It’s time to talk?”
A: It’s interesting. On one side it says, “Farmer Joe’s deserves to succeed…” and on the other side it states in bold letters “BOYCOTT FARMER JOE’S.” Go figure.

Well, one thing is for sure – these problems at our local grocery have been a unifying experience. Joe and Diana Tam have asked me to pass some words along to the Farmer Joe’s shoppers. They want me to tell all of you they how much they greatly appreciate your concern and to thank you again for your support.


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