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Great Pumpkin Contest

It’s that time of the year again at Farmer Joe’s Marketplace – guess the weight of the Great Pumpkin. The person getting closest to the real weight wins a $50 store gift certificate. Second closest to the actual weight wins $25, and third closest wins $10. The Great Pumpkin is currently sitting by the water machine at the front of the store, with entry blanks waiting for your best guess.


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The Great Pumpkin Contest Winners for 2007

The Great Pumpkin weighed in at whopping 468 pounds. First prize, $50, was awarded to Kathleen R. with the closest guess of 467 pounds. Second closest guess was 465 pounds and received $25. Third prize, $10, went to three lucky people, each guessing 463 pounds.

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The Great Pumpkin

This Halloween pumpkin is at Farmer Joe’s on Fruitvale Avenue. The store is holding a contest to guess the correct weight of this behemoth. First prize is $50. Second prize is $25, and third prize is $10. I saw an engineer with a calculator and a tape measure working on the pumpkin and her guess three days ago. Her friend was standing by, laughing at the great lengths the engineer was taking calculating her estimate. Yesterday, I saw 4 year-old Malcolm formulating a guess. He hung on his Dad with his finger stuck in his mouth. He told his Dad a number and his Pappa wrote out the entry and dropped it in the guessing box. Be sure to drop your entry in the guessing box next time you visit the store.

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