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It’s a Cwazy World

You have to read this to believe it.

And I quote, “Action Alameda and the California Healthy Communities Network (CHCN) are co-sponsoring a presentation about supporting local businesses on Tuesday, July 24th… This appears to be a part of a bay area speaking tour CHCN is putting together …

California Healthy Communities Network is supporting local businesses??? Is this what CHCN calls support? Oh, puh-leeze.


Why does this guy look familiar in the photo on the left? He was in the California Healthy Communities Network’s press conference. How did he support his local businesses today? By standing on Fruitvale Avenue at the entrance of Farmer Joe’s with his specially made banner.


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Union Scam

KTVU, channel 2, aired this segment today on their 5 o’clock news. An organization claiming to be the California Healthy Communities Network said they found expired organic products at Farmer Joe’s. Funny. I shop there 2 or 3 times a week, and buy some of the same products featured in the story. I have never seen any expired products and I’m a stickler for freshness. So, what is this organization – California Healthy Communities Network? Looks like another union affiliation of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union out of Contra Costa County. Sigh. And Daniel J. Rush, the private investigator in the story? As recently as 12/12/06, Dan Rush was the political director for the United Food and Commercial Workers Local No. 120. Then there is this lady. She didn’t even bother to go home and change her clothes before driving straight to Joe’s to leaflet the store for her union, UFCW Local 5, that afternoon. I know. I recognized her. I was there. Finally, there’s this guy, Mr.Interested in the audience, at the press conference. Looks like Mike Henneberry, UFCW Local 5 Communications Director. For an interesting read on union smear tactics, click here. The article offers an explanation of what the union may have been trying to do, if they had been a little more adept.


East Bay Express is asking all the right questions and investigating. Check out their article, published July 4, 2007.

This photo, a UFCW rally, was in front of the store May 11, 2007, immediately after the NLRB resolved all “unfair labor practice” accusations by the UFCW in favor of Farmer Joe’s. The “private investigator” for the latest smear campaign, Dan Rush, leads the pack. His business card is inset – the one he left at the store months ago. Kind of wild the store can keep track of one unimportant business card but according to the UFCW they can’t keep track of important expiration dates. Something’s rotted and it ain’t the food at Joe’s.

This shouldn’t have surprised anyone, but it did. The UFCW local 5 claimed the whole smear campaign as their rally on their home page. Their words – “rally.” That page only lasted a day or so before someone must have reminded them they were telling everyone they were not involved. Today, they call it their press conference, but it is still theirs and they forgot to change the caption on the picture, which still says “rally.” Tomorrow they will fix the picture caption to say…? I can’t predict. On and on it goes. It’s dizzying. There’s the private investigator, who is UFCW local 5’s special operations. Channel 2 claims California Healthy Communities Network, a union affiliate, sponsored the “project.” UFCW local 5 website claims California League of United Latino Citizens (LULAC) sponsored the press conference.
Round and round we go with names but the faces are all the same – that of UFCW local 5. Finally, they told the Oakland Tribune that Phil Tucker was the “project” director. As recently as June 7, 2006, the Oakland Tribune identified Phil Tucker as manager of special projects for UFCW local 1179. I guess my favorite part of the whole smear campaign came from the Trib article and I quote:
Network and union officials categorically rejected the suggestion the union was involved in the food project…” That line makes me laugh every time I read it.

The final photo was taken July 3, 2007. It’s the man of special ops UFCW local 5 or maybe it’s a “private investigator” or could be Mr. California Healthy Communities Network or here’s a new one – Sec-Treasurer of Instituto Laboral de la Raza. He’s leafleting Farmer Joes’s and shooting some video. He said the footage is for a film for Ron Dellums, the mayor of Oakland. I can only hope. We could sure use some one-on-one time with Mr. Dellums with all this disorganizing UFCW local 5 does at the store.

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