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They’re back. They’re whack.

The harassment from UFCW local 5 continues. They’re wearing Friends of Farmer Joe’s T-shirts. They’re carrying propaganda with unauthorized Food Mill logos. They’ve printed their trivia on plastic coated paper so their garbage is not recyclable. They’re harassing senior and handicapped shoppers. On any given day, one of the organizers will tell the volunteers at the store they are racists and claim we have called him a “beaner.” We just stare at him, wondering why he is lying. Since no one is buying into his lies, he attempted to step it up a bit, and claimed we called him a “dirty, uncooked bean.” Okay, that one did make me laugh.

This picture is all UFCW local 5 organizers in the parking lot. They are like ants. All I could think of was a modification of that age-old joke – how many local 5 members does it take to screw Farmer Joe’s? For even more laughs, I picked up one of their discarded flyers out of a buggy today, and it read – I kid you not – “RESPECT THE WORKERS LAWFULL RIGHT TO UNINIZE.”


August 29, 2007 - Posted by | Local 5, UFCW, union, union harassment


  1. I guess everyone has the right to uninize. I bet they picked some of these guys up where day workers wait to get a little work. I’m sure it beats manual labor. Keep us posted.

    Comment by worldphotos | August 30, 2007 | Reply

  2. LOL…almost makes me want to uninize, sounds like onionize.

    You are right about them hiring day laborers. The two girls with the video camera are one of the organizer’s kids. The guy in one of the green shirts in the back, standing in front of the dark blue SUV is the father of a guy fired for stealing. Standing immediately to the left of him is his thieving son. UCFW has hired the whole family, which you don’t see in this picture. It’s a regular family reunion or should I say “reunin” with the dad, the mom, and the sister out in the parking lot most days telling fibs. The dad likes to tell customer the employees have no benefits or any vacation so we have to drag an employee out from the store to correct that lie. Then they will stand there and say the employee doesn’t work in the store.

    Comment by Corn Dog | August 30, 2007 | Reply

  3. It is amazing what folks will do for a few bucks. Guess If I was down and out, I might do the same thing. Glad that I’m not.

    Comment by worldphotos | August 30, 2007 | Reply

  4. The UFCW needs to use a spell checker! Hint: it’s usually free with the word processor.
    I see this “revised” flyer all the time. Yesterday, they left the “S” off NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD” and the apostrophe off “workers'”. Oh, well, keep trying guys.
    One more thing to note. There isn’t any “union-made” stamp on this flyer. I guess even Local 5 likes to save a little coin by using non-union shops, just once in a while.

    Comment by T.C. | September 5, 2007 | Reply

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