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For those of you visiting the store on Friday, you may have been handed a flyer from the UFCW local 5 union members that had a Food Mill logo and branding on the top of the page. The leaflet goes on to say “Welcome To The Food Mill.” The reader would quite naturally deduce this was a newsletter from our neighbor and friend, the beloved Food Mill. On the back of this leaflet is union tripe, though, hence a give away it’s union made.

The Food Mill was contacted, and they would like to inform the community they had nothing whatsoever to do with this leaflet. They are concerned about the unauthorized use of their branding and logo, and are actively working to resolve this situation.

And here I thought the union was just going to harass Farmer Joe’s. I guess they’re striving to be a blight on the whole community.


July 28, 2007 Posted by | front company, Local 5, UFCW, union, union harassment | 1 Comment